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begeek 04-24-2002 01:58 PM

linux machine rebooting
i have a problem with two machines periodically rebooting. they were both originally redhat 7.1 machines, one is running a 2.4.2 kernel, the other is running a custom built 2.4.10 kernel.

i don't expect to be able to simply divine what the problems are, but i'm trying to figure out how to figure out what is going on. /var/log/messages provides no useful information at all, and i'm not able to get to the actual console, but if there is a real reason to i could have someone get there. the main problem is that the machine normally just reboots, so there would be no useful info on the console once we got there.

the most annoying part is the frequent requirement to manually resolve fs problems, often it just comes up all by itself.

but how do i figure out what is going on? the log simply shows normal activity, then suddenly reports a syslogd restart.

any assistance with trying to determine what is going on would be appreciated. i suspect that something i upgraded caused this problem. if my memory serves me correctly, it was suspicously close to a few upgrades to both machines that this started happening.



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