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prowinux 01-26-2013 09:59 AM

linux crash after changing motherbaord and i cant make a fresh setup
hello all nice forum by the way ok my problems begins like that
ok i got a job from a company the job is that i fix a motherboard of a dvr surveillance cameras good enough
i tryed to fix the board but there some compenent electronics compenent that i didnt found i the market ofcource im from morocco so there is no electronic compenent hum so the only way is to change the mother baord nice enough ok
i changed the board everything ok until i tried to boot the distro by the way the specs of the distro
grub ver 0.97 linux kernel 2.6.25 with a costum splash screen parttion ex2 xfree desktop
ok when i tried to boot the distro it stucks on splash screen humm i did something comment for a normal average linux user click esc then make grub boot my own way humm
i did ro single to make boot single user it stucks
i called some freind in italy so they can help they failed two so i tried to download the distro and install it , cant found it becose its costum distro built to work with specific specifications ok thats nice so
ma questions is there anyway or anything i can do to make that linux works on another motherboard note that there no way to download it and cant install another distro becose the hdd nis just 1gb ide diskonchip so it a small linux distro and there is a specific drivers and config for dvrs and there is software that are installed on that distro that is mandatory so it can works properly thanks so i hope guys that u can help me

suicidaleggroll 01-26-2013 10:29 AM

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer? They might be able to provide you with the setup files or a replacement motherboard for the camera.

prowinux 01-26-2013 10:31 AM

humm im trying for two weeks the only respond i got is that you need to buy our motherboard and a fresh copy of the distro becose the material is out of garanties !!!!!!!!

so you know making something opensource closesource is f*/******

help me guys im loosing my job !!!!!

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