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graeam 09-02-2007 07:42 AM

Linux base system/ microsft is just soft ware
I,ve been playing with Exandros Debian Linux. Very impressive, in fact so good I,ve parted with my money. Which says some thing.
I still have 1 or 2 special Windows programs, and when I say special I really need these programs.

My view of Microsoft is that their agenda is not to please the OS user customer,[ especially the home user], they have 3rd party agenders, who obvously are worth money to microsft.
EG those mp3 files that come up re aND ARE SUDDENLY GOOD FOR NOTHING. {I tape a little open TV here in aus which is totally legal for your own use only.)

So I need to get a Microsoft going in a small Microsoft enviroment. I,m not keen on Microsoft, just need occasional use, have a genuine 98 and others laying around.].
Coming to mind, VMware.
Win4Lin [Cant get it onto the net to register it, evn though I have a direct connection to the net]
What about wine, although I,m not that keen on emulation, would prefer an actual system withtin the system. Willing to pay reasonable home use fees to use. REASONABLE!

Any Ideas. Regards Graeam

I believe the future is LINUX to become the true computing software, and windows will become JUST SOFTWARE, comes with a remote control and NO REAL comuting usuability.
In other words, Microsoft will just become commercial software you can buy to put on Linux.

unSpawn 09-02-2007 08:07 AM

Am I missing your questions here or where you not aware you too have a LQ blog?

CJ Chitwood 09-02-2007 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by unSpawn (Post 2878512)
Am I missing your questions here or where you not aware you too have a LQ blog?

No, he said, "What about wine"... that's a question...

Or at least it would have been if he had included the question mark... ;)

If I was in his shoes, I'd use the VMWare. It costs money, but it works, and you can get support. I assume his copy of Windows already lying around is legal. Pay for VMWare, install, install Windows, configure. Hope the computer is up to the task, or it'll likely run like a Pentium Classic with all of today's great malware hits.

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