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ninadb 10-08-2004 12:51 AM

Linux-Apple Mac os X and freebsd

I am using Slack 9.1 dual booting with Win 98 for last 3 years.
I happened to read something about the imac and eventually surfed the net for resources.
Although the imac is expensive it has its own fan following.

I found out that it is based on a freebsd kernel with some tweaks.

Also i found out that Os X has not been ported to Intel architecture

My questions

1. Can I have Win98/Slack 9.1(currently using) +freebsd on my current pc?

Or is it that freebsd requires some special primary partition.

2. I cannot buy an imac as it is expensive.

So how can I have the Mac look and feel on Linux or freebsd desktop

3. Is BSD(with all variants free/net/open) a dying distro. As per my knowledge all software available for Linux is available for BSD.

Thanks and Regards

macskeeball 10-08-2004 01:32 AM

What about an eMac? They start at US$799.

hob 10-09-2004 10:50 AM

1) I beleive so.

2) Not legally. The Open Source portion of OS X is called Darwin and this operating system uses pieces of FreeBSD, although it's kernel is unique. Darwin is available for Intel. All of the software that makes up the OS X graphical desktop (Aqua) is proprietary and controlled by Apple, who only permit it to be used on Macs.

The GNOME desktop uses many ideas from Mac OS, and you may find it to your taste. GNOME is supplied with FreeBSD and most Linux distributions.

For what it's worth, the programming specifications for Aqua have been reimplemented to create the OpenStep graphical environment, but it is essentially a hobby for it's developers.

3) No. Linux has produced a large number of new UNIX users, and some of them also use BSD as well. OpenBSD is very well suited to routers and firewalls, and FreeBSD is an effective system for servers. Some people use these systems for desktops. Most Open Source software is cross-platform, and FreeBSD is the second platform after Linux. FreeBSD can also emulate Linux to run Linux-only software.

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