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ANDYCHAN 08-18-2012 02:53 AM

Linux The password lost , RESET PASSWORD
Ver Linux
Password lost , Want to reset "ROOT" password that solve

Hope anyone can answer me and give me a solution , Thanks!!

Doc CPU 08-18-2012 03:14 AM

Hi there,


Originally Posted by ANDYCHAN (Post 4757356)
Ver Linux
Password lost , Want to reset root password ...

I don't know what your system looks like and what constraints apply to it. But my approach would be:
  1. Boot a live distro on that machine from a CD or USB pen drive, and make sure you're root on that live system.
  2. Mount the root partition of the system's HDD.
  3. Make a backup copy of the file /etc/shadow on that partition.
  4. Edit /etc/shadow. Search for a line starting with "root:", probably the first one. Delete the portion between the first and the second colon. This part is the encrypted password and usually looks pretty garbled. Be careful not to change anything else. Save your changes.
  5. Try to reboot your installed distro. Now root should be able to log in with no password. For security reasons, immediately set a root password again. Choose one you'll remember. ;-)
  6. If starting up the system fails, repeat step 1 and 2, and restore the original /etc/shadow from the backup.

No warranty. Good luck. :-)

[X] Doc CPU

John VV 08-18-2012 08:05 AM

that is unless the /boot partition is encrypted for security reasons to STOP someone from doing the above

also there is NO operating system called "Ver Linux " that is the VERSION of the kernel installed

this is not the current RHEL6.3 ( using the "kernel-2.6.32-279")
RHEL5.8 is using "kernel-2.6.18"

so this unknown OS is older than rhel 5.8

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