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oulevon 11-20-2002 12:31 AM

Lilo / Kernel Panic problem
when I try to boot from lilo from my hard drive, I get a Kernel Panic, saying that there is no init. I just installed Slackware 8.1, and I can boot from a floppy, but not from my harddrive. My harddrive is is divided into 4 partitions. 1st partition is the MBR. 2nd partition is the root partition. 3rd partition is the swap space, and 4th partition is usr/local/home. I have lilo setup to boot from


I suspect that the kernel panic is related to a problem from my lilo file, since I can boot from a floppy without a problem. Anyone know why this is happening?

oulevon 11-20-2002 08:53 AM

I fixed it by playing around with the lilo.conf.

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