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blackzone 07-06-2004 03:37 AM

lilo.conf and lilo.conf.anaconda difference
why redhat use lilo.conf.anaconda?

while other linux use lilo.conf?

is there any difference?

drowstar 07-06-2004 04:15 AM

Hi blackzone,
Anaconda is the Redhat / Fedora installer. IIRC, files that are suffixed with .anaconda are files that have been created by the anaconda installer.
I remember that you have to copy /etc/lilo.conf.anaconda to /etc/lilo.conf for lilo to pick it up correctly.

To answer your question: No, no difference in the contents of the file, but the file wont be used if not named lilo.conf.
Are you sure you are using lilo as your boot manager? I think Fedora defaults to GRUB and doesnt even offer to use lilo.

Hope this helps,
- drowstar

By the way, there is a very insightful posting on the fedora users mailing list on the topic.

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