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Everest63 02-22-2001 01:50 PM

I am currently using Mandrake Linux 7.2
The LILO Boot Menu reads:

Linux-nonfb (no frame buffer)

After I boot using the first option "Linux", I notice that my modem couldn't be found. At the KPPP Configuration/Device tab, Modem Device is /dev/modem (it was automatically set like this durring install of 7.2) I changed it to /dev/ttySO and my modem was found and it connected to the net. ttySO = COM 1.
I booted using the second option of "Linux-nonfb" and I noticed that both /dev/modem and /dev/ttySO work fine.
Why would the "Linux" option not be able to use /dev/modem while "Linux-nonfb" can use both /dev/modem & /dev/ttySO and connect to the net?
LILO is not in the MBR, but in HDA5.

P.S. before I upgraded my video card to a Rage 128, I could only use "Linux-nonfb". "Linux" always hung at bootup.

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CragStar 02-26-2001 07:06 AM

Did you get Mandrake off of Linux Format magazine (UK)? If not have a look at your /etc/lilo.conf file and put up the contents on the forum to have a look at. That is if you use lilo to boot and not GRUB.

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