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jonfa 03-04-2001 07:56 AM

I recently had Linux and Windows on separate harddrives on my system and used lilo to boot without any problems. I then erased the Windows drive so I could have both drives used for linux. However, now the machine boots only from a floppy and does nothing if I don't have a floppy inserted. If I reboot with the floppy in I get a message saying "press return to boot from /dev/hdd5" and it boots without any problem. How can I boot without the floppy?

excuse me if my sentences start looking funky-I been up the whole night.

trickykid 03-05-2001 08:42 AM

First off, check and see if you have /etc/lilo.conf in your filesystem. If you do, then edit the file lilo.conf and make the first line of your device to /dev/hda.
then run the /sbin/lilo command with a -t flag. Then run it again withour the -t.


# /sbin/lilo -t
# /sbin/lilo

This should reinstall the LILO back to your MBR, so you don't have to boot from floppy no longer.
If you don't have the /etc/lilo.conf, then let us know, there is a longer process to follow on getting it from your floppy.

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