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vaishalicoep 02-03-2009 07:10 AM

/lib/modules/kernel/build file broken
I am trying to write a simple "hello world" module from Linux Device Drivers of Rubini, but whenever i am giving make command error comes up as build file is broken... my makefile is given below

obj-m := hello.o
KERNELDIR ?= /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build
PWD := $(shell pwd)
$(MAKE) -C $(KERNELDIR) M=$(PWD) modules

what should i do? i am using fedora 9...

knudfl 02-03-2009 12:41 PM

Welcome to LQ.

Take care, that the package 'kernel-devel' is installed.
Installs to /usr/src/kernels/ , and the link 'build' in
/lib/modules/Žuname -rŽ)/ is a link to that "package"

uname -r ( to see version )

# yum search kernel-devel

# yum install kernel-devel-Žuname -rŽ

XavierP 02-04-2009 02:53 AM

Moved: This thread is more suitable in Linux-General and has been moved accordingly to help your thread/question get the exposure it deserves.

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