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Asmaa Seyam 10-17-2010 06:35 PM

Leach Installation on NS2

Iam a new member on LQ

I need to add the LEACH protocol on NS2 on Fedora 8
i have installed fedora and NS2
but i don't know how to add the leach protocol on NS2

please help me
waiting your reply

knudfl 10-18-2010 03:21 PM

Welcome to LQ.

LEACH threads are tagged 'leach' :
LQ Search , Tag = leach

The original ns2 version for LEACH is ns-allinone-2.27 :
The gcc3.3-c++-3.3.6-1pclos2007 can probably be used. Works on other Fedora.

'ns-allinone-2.34' may be used fo LEACH :

The long story ( 122 posts ) :

Asmaa Seyam 10-18-2010 04:33 PM

Thank you for your reply

I have the package of LEACH protocol to be installed on NS2.27 which are mit.

But I need to tell me what are the all steps that I must do in detials beacuse I don't know enough information about NS2.27.

waiting your response

knudfl 10-19-2010 12:31 PM

Generally for Fedora / Fedora 8 : ( Fedora 8 is old, why use it ? )

NS-2.27 , Fedora 12 - 32 Bits :

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