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leprechaun 02-24-2002 01:01 PM

hey people ...

i won a tp 600e on ebay ... should get here by the end of the week
got all the docs form ...

its a pII 366 with 96 mb ram (ill upgrade the ram when i can :) )

on of the things they dont mention on their site is window managers and such ... i want my cimputer to run pretty much at its best ... therefore ... wont get kde even tho it looks good ...
any recommendations ... aesthetically acceptable and not too demanding is what i want ...


thanks Lep!

Syncrm 02-24-2002 06:32 PM

yeah dood... windowmaker is pretty much the shizzy for what i use. it runs real quick on my thinkpad. here's my latest screenshot: the dir will also contain some more windowmaker screenshots if you wanna take a look.

blackbox runs even faster than WM, but i just prefer wm cause of the options. just depends on what you want.

leprechaun 02-24-2002 08:28 PM

what kind of options?
hey man ...

well ... what kind of options? i am a :newbie: ... like terminal backgrounds and such or what ... well .. i have room to spare ... i swore to myself i woudnt install windows on it ... so ive got 12 gbz of whatever want ... i could stick a couple distros ... rh7.2 and maybe slack (ill just dive right in the water to see i maybe could end up swimming ;) )
and a couple windowmanagers ... well ... ill c when i get it ...
i guess installing slack on a laptop gotta pretty complicated

anyway .. thanks for the info ...

whats ur TP anyway?

ibm says the modem aint supported ... found boards that say other wise ... ill need help with that one :P

anyway ... thanks ...


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