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Gerrard 08-17-2003 09:20 AM

Laptop friendly Distro?
I've just picked up an old laptop. 336Mhz 192MB RAM. I've tried RedHat, and everything was really slow. I'm running Madrake now, and that's a little bit better. I was wondering if anyone has seen good performance on lower end hardware with a different distro. This is my 3rd linux system, so I'm comfortable with recompiling the kernel and other tidbits.

Thanks in advance,


raylpc 08-17-2003 09:23 AM

I heard there's a debian-laptop project. It may be helpful.

koyi 08-17-2003 09:32 AM

Maybe you should try not to use KDE or GNOME? As they are slow on low specs machines...

Skyline 08-17-2003 09:56 AM

A lighter Window manager like IceWM under Mandrake might help a litlle - Vector 3.2 is faster than either of these distros.

You might find something more suitable at Distrowatch :

Click here to go to Distrowatch

andrewlkho 08-17-2003 01:02 PM

I prefer windowmaker, which is a really light window manager. Also, if you're looking for a laptop friendly distro, I would recommend slackware. This is the only distro I've successfully got to work on my laptop. The reason is that I use a pcmcia ethernet card. Most other distros seem to work with it for a while, but then give a buffer overload. Slackware, however, works with it seamlessly.

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