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glock19 04-11-2002 08:40 PM

Konqueror 3.0 bookmark toolbar
Anyone know how to permanently get rid of that terrible "Bookmark Toolbar" that comes with Konqueror 3.0?

Aussie 04-11-2002 08:46 PM

Have you looked under Settings? You also need to do Window--->Save View Profile to make the change permanent.

glock19 04-11-2002 08:51 PM

Nope, didn't look under Settings. But looked just about everywhere else. :rolleyes:

Oh well...maybe tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Aussie 04-11-2002 08:53 PM

Heh, get that sometimes :D

jetblackz 04-12-2002 12:06 AM

Settings> uncheck Show Bookmark...

therion12 04-12-2002 05:58 PM

Yes i was confused about that too, typical windows user mistake. Its really so easy.

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