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raven 06-10-2002 06:34 AM

keyboard settings

recently i tryed a swiss german keymap on my linux box. i loaded the appropriate keymap file (sg-latin1.kmap.tar.gz) with the command loadkeys.

but when I press one of the following: "", i get a beep, and no character is put on the screen (in the console). i compiled the kernel with NLS support for western european languages, and some other I thought might be useful, but no success.

what else do I have to do to get those characters onto the screen???

thanks for eveything.


Bert 06-10-2002 07:00 AM

There's the keyboard map and the keyboard layout. The map is to tell linux what keys can be used and the layout is to tell them where they are. Make sure that your keyboard layout is correctly specified, using the GUI configuration tool for Debian.


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