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Freakwit 11-24-2008 01:33 PM

keyboard modifiers not working
I recently installed ubuntu intrepid on a compaq nx6120 laptop. everything was working fine except for the sony memory stick card reader but that's to be expected.

my problem at the moment is that my ctrl, shift, and alt keys no longer work [or at least not as i expect them to].
e.g. i can't ctrl-c in a terminal, can't type capital letters without caps lock [shift-letter does not give any output], can't alt-tab between windows amongst other things that i can't do.

i used to think the problem may have been a setting in compiz fusion that i messed up. i tried resetting the preferences to no avail. using fluxbox or metacity does not fix the problem. the problem also exists on the login screen [my password has a capital letter in it]

where should i be looking to solve this[insert question mark here, can't due to broken shift behaviour]

jstephens84 11-24-2008 07:22 PM

try the following in a terminal.

sudo apt-get install console-setup

Freakwit 11-24-2008 07:41 PM

kbd-config seems to be part of console-common, not console-setup

in any case, it didn't solve the problem. i'm beginning to think it's a hardware issue. sometimes it works [but most often it doesn't] 2nd-hand hardware ftl

edit: definitely a hardware issue. holding the laptop at different angles causes the keys to work properly

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