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tokyo-jamie 08-04-2003 08:24 PM

kernel recompile not working
hello world. this is my 1st post for this forum & since I didn`t find the `recompile-kernel` forum I am posting here.
apologies if this is the wrong place.

In general, I am trying to recompile the kernel on my redhat 9 laptop IBM because I need sound, & I chose the most recent kernel for testing 2.6 features... because it includes sound, doesn`t contain the many vulnerabilities of the 2.4 kernel, and its new & exciting. why should too ( for non production systems )

So my problem is that after I perform the required software tool upgrades mentioned in the /new-kernel/ Doc/Changes file;
I then make xconfig, make clean, make bzImage, make modules & when I make modules_install; ** I see many Unresolved Dependencies, next after running /boot/mkinitrd for the new kernel to boot, the init file is only 1/2 the size of the working kernel, and also the new kernel freezes upon reboot.

Has anyone in this forum successfully recompiled the most recent kernel 2.6.0-test2 ???
here are the gory details...
steps for recompile...
new install on red Crap 9.0 2.4.21 kernel.
bunzip2 & tar -xvf linux-2.6.0-test2 in /opt/...
/opt/linux-2.6.0-test2/Documentation/Changes lists mimimum reqs for `tools`
9.0 requires upgrade to :

***module-init-tools 0.9.9 minimum
xfsprogs 2.1.0
quota-tools 3.0.9
oprofile 0.5.3
nfs-utils 1.0.3

************ these all meet the minimum
gcc 3.2.2
make 3.791
util-linux 2.11y
etfsprogs 1.32
jfsutils 1.0.17
reiserfsprogs 3.6.4
pcmcia-cs 3.1.31
quota-tools 3.09
ppp 2.4.1
isdn4k-utils 3.1pre4
procps 2.0.11
nfs-utils 1.0.5

I upgraded software packages except oprofile needs to wait until after new kernel for support. I think.....

module-init-tools-0.9.12 is a bit confusing(for me). the /INSTALL section seems
to indicate that .configure make make install, can be executed per usual; but
the README file seems to indicate that the above will torch your modules.conf
This seems to be the source of confusion.

..anyway at /opt/modules-init-tools-0.9.12 I ./configure Looks ok except for WARNING message about missing script. next I do make links which takes care of the ln -s ( for f in * ), next I run make, & make install. looks good.

Now on to step 3) I do .generate-modprobe.conf /etc/modprobe.conf & see
Warning: not translating * messages on every line. So, obviously I would like to know if this is the desired output. (any feedback?___________.

5) depmod linux-2.6.0-test2 seems to work ok

now time to config the kernel & with the upgraded mkinit, hopefully will boot ;

FAQ: in the /FAQ section it makes mention of setting up an alias for sound but
doesn`t state how this is done. for instance, alias sound-slot-0, is this right?

While compiling kernel I see a MODPOST message:
Warning: "ip_vs_tcp_conn_listen" undefined [net/ipv4/ipvs/ip_vs.ko]

make modules_install complains about Unresolved symbols
depmod: ***Unresolved symbols in /lib/modules/2.6.0-test2/kernel/drivers

block/paride/pcd.ko /pd.ko /pg.ko /
media/radio* (i didn`t install any radio options) ???
net/ipv4/ipvs/ip_vs.ko /ip_vs_dh.ko /ip_vs_ftp.ko

so then, cp & bzImage to /boot. run mkinitrd..
this time it is a bit larger than previously but not much ~90000 vs
14000 working initrd-2.4.20

And after updating lilo....; reboot & kernel predictably chokes.

loading 2.6-test, Uncompressing...Ok, booting the kernel...freeze

tokyo-jamie 08-04-2003 08:34 PM

kernel - recompile
after reading the above post which is aguably way too long an obvious question might be if kernel sources are present.

rpm -qa | grep -i kernel displays the following

present but likely not neccessary.***

also note that make dep has been deprecated and is not (no longer) part of recompiling the kernel

dilipm_79 09-01-2003 06:13 AM

where did you got that version of kernel???
Where did you got kernel-2.4.20-6 version of kernel whereas it comes with kernel-2.4.20-8 ??

Joey.Dale 09-01-2003 01:47 PM

Welcome to LQ!

you left out "make dep"

tokyo-jamie 09-01-2003 07:33 PM

Welcome to LQ! you left out "make dep"
hmmmmm, in accordance with your .sig I will do my best not to crush your toes... but as my post indicates *** make dep *** is no longer part of the kernel recompile process after 2.4 (smile)

In any event. 2.6.0-test4 compiles just fine...except that networking has yet to be added ; - > (for my pcmcia card).

dilipm_79 09-01-2003 11:44 PM

Where did you find the kernel version 2.4.20-6.rpm ??

tokyo-jamie 09-02-2003 12:14 AM

Where did you find the kernel version 2.4.20-6.rpm ??
ask me something else. laugh. just kidding, but not really.

2.4.20-6 is the default kernel shipped with Redhat 9.

More importantly, I am wondering why you would like to know where I found " the kernel version 2.4.20-6.rpm"

I suppose the point is that unless you are are running redcrap 9 you have no use for it & also; that if you are running 9 you also have no use for it, as a recompile with something like 2.4.22 or in my case 2.4.22-ac will result in a much more harmonious computing experience. ; )

I doubt this is of any help to you, but your question is sort of vague.


dilipm_79 09-02-2003 12:27 AM


when i installed Redhat-9,i got kernel version kernel-2.4.20-8 !!!!!!!

dev-machine /home/dilipm > more /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Linux release 9 (Shrike
dev-machine /home/dilipm > uname -a
Linux 2.4.20-8 #1 Thu Mar 13 17:54:28 EST 2003 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux
dev-machine /home/dilipm > rpm -qa|grep kernel

tokyo-jamie 09-02-2003 09:35 PM

ok. and? smile...

so if you want to be kewl then recompile the kernel by going to

get the stable kernel, stick it in /usr/src & create a link
ln -s linux-2.4.22 linux

this creates a link, which is probably unneccessary if you compile at the /usr/src location but potentially critical if you compile someplace else like /opt

anyway, read all the docs and have fun...

my advice is that you also install qt, so that when it comes time to do make xconfig you can check out the meaning of each variable. make menuconfig won`t do this for you.

so pick out the drivers you need, leave the ones you don`t, this will shrink down your kernel and thus result in a more speedy machine...potentially.

In any event, it is a very perverse & geeky sort of way.

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