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Obelus 01-14-2004 07:19 AM

Kernel hang and console resolution
I have recently compiled my very first kernel [version 2.4.24]. I am running Slackware 9.1. Everything works fine but I have a couple of questions.

1. At startup the system hangs when it says "pcmcia not found in /proc/devices".

2. In console mode the resolution is lower than it used to be. It no longer runs in 1024*768 mode but in a lower resolution. How can I change this? I have tried changing the resolution option in lilo but this doesn't work. I compiled framebuffer support into my kernel.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



SciYro 01-14-2004 07:03 PM

if its your first tiem compileing then you mgiht wanna get used to this kinda stuff (i recompile my kernel a few tiems a day, but i think i got it just right this time, frambuffer works, and nothing seems to be broken (now to try and mess it up even more by adding alsa and other drivers into it :) )neways the resolution is not the kernels problem, its the graphics card, that is teh terminal resolution (text only), if you want better resolutions then ull neeed to compile it with suport for framebuffer (its realy easy, but i hope you saved the kernel config you made, just load up the config you alrdy made and say yes to experimential drivers under code maturity options (dont wory it only soudns bad cuse it lets you include stuff in the kernel that hasent been tested well enough yet), then go to console drivers section and say yes to the first 2 options tehn go to frambuffer and say yes there, now say yes to the chipset drive youll need, and say yes to 16 bit graphics stuff,and vesa framebuffer suport, and go down and selet compiled in fonts (chose iether 8x8 or 8x16 as its ur first time doiong this), also there sould be options for 2-bit 8-bit 24-bit , etc, grapics suport under one of these options (i 4get what one) select all of them just to make sure u get what you need (2-32 bit color modes) compile then change you bootloader (if you use lilo adding the line vga=781 is for 16 million color 800x600 (the max on my laptop :) ), theres a lot of sites you can find that will give you help on the numbers (google, goole, goole
if your not using a laptop tehn you can just not include pcmcia suport at all , if you are tehn get pcmcia-cs and install that instead of using the kernels suport (kernel doesent ahve as much drivers :) )

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