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tarballed 12-22-2002 04:39 PM

Kernel compiling and module compiling
Hello everyone.

Just have two quick questions. I've been learning how to compile my kernel. It's pretty straight forward. I read many HOW-TO's and they are very good. So far, I've been able to successfully compile a couple of kernels.

Couple questions though:
First is that after I compiled my kernel, my NIC card was not found thus no internet connection. Im guessing I will need to either recompile my kernel, or compile a module correct?

If I compile a module, does anyone know of a HOW-TO for compiling modules or whatever is that I need to do for my NIC card?

Lastly, is there any web page that has full documentation on all the different things you can compile for your kernel? For instance, a full list of every option available when you are in either menuconfig or xconfig?

Oh Yes! One do I get a list of everything that has been compiled in my current kernel? Is there a way to see what has and has not?

Thanks everyone.


tarballed 12-22-2002 05:31 PM

Just for some additional information, I am using RH 7.3 and using a Linksys NIC card, LNE100TX.

Also, here is a quick link I found from Linksys:

Any other thoughts?

What about finding what is compiled in my kernel so I can cut and paste it into a text file for example?


I appreciate the help.


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