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tvojvodi 02-17-2004 04:23 AM

Kernel 2.6.2 options question - LOCKED options ?

While selecting what to compile-in with my kernel (2.6.2), I wanted to include IPsec support. Some tutorial says that I need to include this :

...Networking options :

+ RF_KEY Sockets
+ IP : AH transformation
+ IP : ESP transformation
+ IP : IPsec user configuration interface

...Cryptographic API

+ HMAC support
+ Null algorithm
+ MD5 digest algorithm
+ SHA1 digest algorithm
+ DES and Triple DES EDE cipher algorithms
+ AES cipher algorithms

But when I come to 'cryptographic' secion under kernel options, I can do nothing with second part of options that need to be included (null algorithms and AES cipher algorithms can be selected, but other cannot).

All of those options are listed, but can't be included. Locked ? Or locked because they must be included and kernel doesen't want me to uncheck them ? ;)

geez thnx,


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