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sirscott 08-10-2005 12:22 AM

KDEInit could not launch 'kdesu'.
I enjoy my suse 93 alot..
fact I like using Linux pretty most of the time I use my PC..
But there are 3 things. that id like to fix or find something to solve the issues..
one: is

I love using K3b :) but it does do a annoying thing. when I click on the icon k3b.. But I still like to know how I can fix that message KDE pops up each time I start up k3b.. I use k3b set up under root
KDEInit could not launch 'kdesu'.

Any ideas ?

2nd : I would love to be able to use my cd-rw's and dvd-rw's . Just like I can use the floppy.
I don't want to burn files to the cd's all the time.. Id like to be able to drag and drop and delete when needed etc..
I can do it on my windows.. But I cant seem to find the same feature on Linux.

3: GIMP is super..:) I use it alot for photos etc for my website etc..
But when I go to print It seems to print photos in a rather cheap look.. Even when set at the highest quality I can ,The printer is a lexmark z52. It prints super photos on the window side.. But on my Linux side.. not so grand. as far as text and graphics etc it does very well, cant complain.. I just am when the photo side of it..

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