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minck 02-03-2005 05:59 AM

KDE scrollbar widgets in Pekwm
I have been using the Pekwm window manager on Debian for a few years now and am very happy with its speed, features, and downright simplicity. It also keeps my desktop looking very plain and uncluttered.

Yesterday I installed Ubuntu on my girlfriends' computer, and am thinking about doing the same on my own sometime soon. I thought I'd try out Pekwm while I was at it, downloaded the newest .deb package I could find, and installed it; I also installed the KDE desktop to get Kate and Konqueror.

I'm not much of a system grokker, I'm just a lazy Debian user -
and imagine my horror when I saw those K-tel - like scrollbar widgets poking out through the pekwm window manager! The nice, plain, undistracting pekwm ones are gone and there are these fancy, blue metallic ribbed things there in the place. The menubars also show the KDE gradient-intensive eyecandy, though it's not nearly as irritating as those plasticy scrollbars which look like they came straight from Ronco.

I tried getting to KControl to change the stuff around, doing so also in the 'root console' window which somehow gives you root permissions, and this wouldn't bring up the KDE options to modify the window deco stuff.

Is there any way of getting this stuff off? I really like Kate, Kwrite, and Konqueror; but I get very distracted by what looks to me like a cheesey work environment. If I don't go Ubuntu, is this KDE widget stuff going to start showing through on pekwm next time I update pekwm and KDE?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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