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cinnix 07-13-2001 02:27 AM

KDE question
I have been using the new KDE 2.1.1 and am very surprised at the amount of RAM that is consumed while running it. It is using 180 megs of RAM out of the 196 that I have when it is sitting idle. Is this normal or do I have a configuration problem, to many background processes running or pre-loading of applications. Please do not tell me to use gnome, I have used both and KDE is my preference.

BTW, this is on redhat 7.0.

jharris 07-13-2001 04:01 AM

Have a look at my post in this thread:

There's nothing wrong with your config, UNIX systems use a 'always full' memory model. Read the above and post questions back here.



cinnix 07-13-2001 04:18 AM

I have read many books and am constantly cruising the net learning about stuf, but I never heard anything about the always full memory model. I will look into this a bit further when I get home to my linux machine to make sure this is the case. Thanks ALOT for the link.

jharris 07-13-2001 05:16 AM

I'll have a look through my books and find out where I read about it if you're interested. Might take me a little while to find it though!



cinnix 07-13-2001 05:19 AM

Don't strain yourself looking for it, but if you do come accross it, let me know? I am always interested in good information :)

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