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dbc001 03-14-2004 01:21 PM

KDE ksysguard tips? .sgrd file examples?
I was just experimenting with ksysguard and was wondering if anyone could suggest cool ways to use it? It seems like a powerful program that can help you keep track of your computer (and even learn a few things) but I've been unable to figure it out. So does anyone have some .sgrd files that they could share? Or maybe suggest graphing something that would teach me something new about my system? I've looked online, and the docs don't tell you anything that isn't completely obvious. I haven't been able to find any useful info on kdesysduard at all.

I'll explain a little more. First, the presets that come with ksysguard. The Process Table is pretty self-explanatory, so I'll skip that. But the System Load preset isn't exactly obvious to me. In the CPU Load section, what's the difference between Nice, System, and User? I assume system is daemons and such, with User being user processes like KDE or gnome, but what is nice?

What about Load Average? What exactly is it that I'm looking at in that section? I have no idea. Physical Memory is a little more clear, but I dont know what the difference is between cached and buffered memory.

What I'm really looking for, though, are some custom .sgrd files or suggestions of new ways to look at my system. Or do the presets cover everything that I would want to look at on my system?

*and yes, I do realize that you can connect to other systems using daemon mode, but I'm really hoping to find new ways of examining and analyzing and learning about my system...

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