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RobbieGee 01-12-2005 11:55 AM

KDE Desktop Sharing causing 100% cpu usage
I'm using Gentoo 2.4.26 with KDE 3.3.2 and xorg 6.8.0-r3 and am having problems with X using all available cpu power when connecting to my laptop with KDE Desktop Sharing.

Steps for reproducing:
1. Start KDE Desktop Sharing
2. Create a personal invitation
3. Connect from other computer using TightVNC or RealVNC client on Windows XP SP2.
4. Accept Connection on host
5. CPU usage on host jumps to ~100% immediately, even before typing in the password on the client side. If I cancel the connection on either end manually or by timeout the cpu usage drops to a normal level.

Using top I see that 'X' and 'krfb' each use about 47% each, with a second 'krfb' using ~5%.

If I rather use vnc-3.3.7 which afaik. has its own XFree server it works like a charm and is lightning fast, but I'd rather have the same view on both ends since I also use it as a means of using the same keyboard/mouse as my main computer. Besides, having something not working perfectly is like an annoying thorn in the side you just can't get out yourself :-\

I originally had Xorg 6.7.0-r1 installed and upgraded to 6.8.0-r3 in the hopes that would fix the problem.

I've searched the net a bit and have only found a few cases with a similar problem. Most notable was this case from the forums of Novell:
Subject: KDE desktop sharing use 100% of the CPU all the time
But as of now there's no answer. Note that his top statistics are very close to mine, and could probably be considered equal as they're not completely stable and it all depends on which seconds snapshot he got :-P

Soo... I'm lost :study: :scratch: :confused:

Phathead 01-24-2005 12:54 PM

I'm afraid I have no help for you. I have the same problem. It's annoying because my connection is plenty fast to run VNC, but with the load average around 3.00 when opening a connection with RealVNC, it is very slow.

I am running Slackware-current, which includes 6.8.1, kernel 2.6.10 and KDE 3.3.2.

I've been all over the Internet, and I don't see any solution for this, just people reporting the problem. Does anyone have an idea where we should look to correct this?

RobbieGee 01-24-2005 01:16 PM

Well, at least I'm not alone <:-}

I don't have my linux box here to check which version KDE Desktop Sharing is at. Does anyone with an earlier version of KDS have the same problem? I assume there are lots of ppl that doesn't have this problem since I can't find that many references to it on the net.

I'm on a 100MBps LAN but it behaves as if on ISDN :-P

DimbiX 02-10-2005 10:42 AM

I have the same problem with krfb on Debian Sarge, but x11vnc is working fine for me :)

Phathead 02-10-2005 11:39 AM

Yeah, same here, but I'd like to connect to my current X session, not create a new one to connect through.

EwanG 09-16-2005 12:34 PM

So, has ANYONE made progress on this? Have any of the KDE developers even indicated they're looking at this? Or should I just "get over it" and get tightvnc setup?


bobpaul 07-03-2007 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by EwanG
So, has ANYONE made progress on this? Have any of the KDE developers even indicated they're looking at this? Or should I just "get over it" and get tightvnc setup?


Wow, this is still an issue? I'm running Kubuntu 7.04. I tried disabling Transparency effects, but that didn't help. Later I'll see if disabling compositing extension in xorg.conf helps, but I'm not expecting it to.

FWIW, this isn't an issue in Gnome, though I'd rather not go back there unless I really have to. So far I'm getting by using Nomachine's NX client and freenx server, though I'd much rather be using my existing session with vnc...


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