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claudiu_t 01-26-2004 05:05 AM

KDE: cannot login as root
Hello there,

I am new to Linux so please bear with me till I am through my issue.

I've just installed a SuSE 9 Linux on my computer. Everything worked fine during the install. When first logged in as root I installed the nVidia GeForce and nVidia nvnet divers for my video card and network; after that the eth0 interface was mounted and my network work correctly.
I shut down my computer and turn it on after some hours and then my troubles have began: I am no longer able to log in as root using the KDE graphical login. However I am able to log in as another user I created during the install, and I am able to log in as root but in text mode. This is very strange and if someone has some ideas please feel free to post it.

Thanks in advance; Regards

Zero-0-Effect 01-26-2004 01:55 PM

Im not familiar with suse but when I used Debian I had to go into the kde graphical login settings and check a box that allowed root to login from there otherwise only a user could login.

You may want to check the configuration for your system to see if this is your problem as well.

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