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jeremy 10-30-2000 03:10 PM

I just ran across this great article on journaling filesystems - Is anyone out there running a journaling filesystem on Linux?

randomblast 12-04-2003 03:58 PM

yes jeremy, 3 years into the future we all use ext3 or reiserfs :p

Tinkster 12-04-2003 04:21 PM

Been running Reiser for over 3 years ... :}

The article is very concise, but has come
somewhat of age, though, Reiser beats ext2/3
particularly with small files these days.


hw-tph 12-04-2003 07:12 PM

ROFLOL @ randomblast :)

Anyway, I have been using journaling filesystems - 3rd extendend and ReiserFS so far - for a couple of years now. Probably since about the time that article was published. Can't live without it! It adds a *ton* of reliability to your system.


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