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atrionfo 04-18-2002 09:06 PM

Is this a troff, groff, TeX, or nroff file?
I am a Windows user that is trying to use a Signetics 2650 Cross-assembler. The assembler (Frankenstein) was written in the 1980's, and the docs are written in troff, or groff (I THINK). I'm not sure (and it doesn't say). First, how do I correctly identify the file, and then, how do I read it in Windows? I downloaded a version of troff (and groff) for win32, but I'm not convinced I'm using the software correctly.

An example of the file follows this message (can anyone explain to me how I can view it as a pdf, ps, or even plain vanilla ASCII?)


Frankenstein Cross Assemblers Users Manual
.AU "Mark Zenier"
.MT 4
.H 1 "Disclaimer"
This software is in the public domain. Any prior copyright claims
are relinquished.
This software is distributed with no warranty whatever. The author
takes no responsibility for the consequences of its use.
.H 1 "Introduction"
.H 2 "This Manual"
This manual covers the basic features for the Frankenstein cross assemblers.
The specific features for a given target architecture will be covered
in the appendix for that cross-assembler.
.H 2 "Notation"
Items enclosed in [] are optional. The "[]" are not entered in the
source statement or command line, and are just a notation.
.H 1 "Invocation"
name [-o binary] [-l listing] [-s symbols] [-d] input
The optional operands on the command line can be in any order.
.H 2 "Input File"
The input file must appear after the optional entries on the command line.
Only one input file is used with this version.
If the file name is a single minus sign, the standard input is used.
.H 2 "Listing File"
-l filename
An annotated listing will only be produced if an optional list file is
provided, otherwise the error messages and summary will be output to the
There is no required suffix or default extension for the file name.
.H 2 "Hex Output File"
-h filename or
-o filename

Aussie 04-19-2002 05:55 AM

If you were using linux you'd have no problems reading it...but since your on wondows your best bet might be a search of for something that will work. If your lucky someone else here might have had the same problem before they saw the light and be able to provide some more insight.

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