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Paul Parr 04-25-2003 11:32 AM

Is there a detailed point by point comparison on Linux to Windows?
I know the subject maybe misleading, I assure you I do not want to spawn off another Linux Vs Windows debate or Flame war.

Actually what I am after is a better understandng of the Structure of Linux to speed up my adaption process. I am very familiar with the Dos/Windows Structure and I think it would help me and other newbies coming from the Dos/Windows if we understood more clearly the terminologies/formats/structure simularities to start with. (I am using Redhat's distro to compare)

For Example...
I understand that there is command line syntax that is different in each OS but they deliver the same end results.

-------------------- ---------------
attrib = chmod
backup = tar
dir = ls
cls = clear
copy = cp
del = rm
deltree = rm -R , rmdir
edit = vi, pico
format = fdformat, mount, umount
move / rename = mv
type = less <file>
cd = cd, chdir
more < file = more file
md = mkdir
win = startx


I also understand some of the simularities to the Windows file format structures and terminologies.

------------- ---------
.ini = .conf
.bat = .shh
Shortcut = symlink
Task Bar = panel
Autoplay = Automount
Startmenu = TaskMenu
Add/Remove Programs = RPM Package Manager


I even understand there are applications that pretty much do the same thing (Although Linux's are free, come with many distros, and there are many simular programs to choose from) I'll only list a few. (Some Windows ones are 3rd party and Cost additional $)

------------- ---------

MSOffice = OpenOffice, Koffice
Explorer = Nautilus, Konqueror
iExplorer = Mozilla
Notepad = gedit
MSN IMSGR = gaim
Photoshop = Gimp


This could be a pretty big list...

I would like to create an Essential Starter Guide for myself and post it for those that it maight make transition easier for.

If you can add to my list's I would appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance. :study: :D

trickykid 04-25-2003 11:39 AM

Just think of it this way, the Linux CLI is way more powerful than DOS or Windows will ever be with a CLI. Windows is moving away from the command line as Linux still embraces it. You can do so much more with a Linux command than DOS/Windows.

In this aspect, your list would be way too long and it would be a waste of time I would see if your going to take Windows apps and find their counterpart in Linux.

You know there are already web sites that compare all the basic commands and such from Windows to Linux. There are also tons of books regarding a transistion from Windows to Linux. Have you tried looking at all?

This type of thread will probably generate some heat regarding Linux vs. Windows. Keep it clean and stick to the topic or it will be closed in a heartbeat. ;)

bulliver 04-25-2003 12:33 PM

I found that this book at the ldp is very good for an introduction to the linux command line, as well as how the system is put together...processes..init..all that good stuff. Recommended reading:

deepsix 04-26-2003 02:01 AM

Or ..............if all else fails...........GOOGLE

Tinkster 04-26-2003 02:35 AM

If you like paper-ware :} look at this one:


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