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patrick295767 10-12-2012 01:02 AM

Irssi: How to add a channel autojoin with autolog ?

I did:

/channel -add #ubuntu freenode
and it gives this into my config.

{ name = "#ubuntu"; chatnet = "freenode"; autojoin = "yes"; }
It works, but there is an error with autolog:


-!- Irssi: logresume DEBUG: no logfile open for freenode, #ubuntu. Either autolog is disabled or you have ignored joins (see top of script)
Would you know how to fix it? I would like to have the log working.

If I start the channel manually /join #ubuntu, the autolog works.

both are possible : log + autojoin?

I have this into my config

  "fe-common/core" = {
    autolog = "yes";
    beep_when_window_active = "yes";
    bell_beeps = "yes";
    beep_msg_level = "MSGS DCC DCCMSGS HILIGHT NOTICES";
    use_status_window = "yes";
    theme = "~/.irssi/default.theme";
    show_names_on_join = "no";


explodingferret 10-27-2012 07:15 AM

Hi Patrick,

Sorry about the delayed response. That debug message is not from irssi itself but from a script called which is in the irssi-scripts package. It doesn't necessarily mean that the channel is not being logged, so it is probably safe to ignore. If you check ~/irclogs you should be able to see the logs. If you don't, it may be worth reporting to #irssi on freenode irc where we should be able to assist in figuring out what is wrong.

If the log is there, all this message will mean is that when the channel is joined, the most recent log entries will not be printed to the screen. Usually the cause of this is having ignored joins in the channel in question. Help on fixing this is available at the top of the script source.

I'm working on a new version of the script at the moment which doesn't have this issue at all, so if this really bugs you (it probably doesn't) you can email me through this forum or with the contact details at the top of the script.

Hope this helps.


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