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acwaite 05-30-2001 07:16 AM

has anyone set up a linux box for internet banking
unfortunately its the only reason i still have microsft
on my pc

trickykid 05-30-2001 08:55 AM

do you mean like direct dial into you back or over the internet? if you have like a direct dial with paritcular software from your bank, most likely they probably don't support linux yet, its that or you can use an emulator like Wine to run the program under linux or create your own scripts to connect to your bank.

jwillar 07-16-2007 06:35 PM

I used msMoney for years in Windows but finally got smart and began working towards moving to Linux, I use the current release of Kubuntu. Managing URLs/UserNames/Password and a personal finance Application seem to be the big hang-up. After trying GnuCash, KMyMoney, and finally Moneydance; I choose MD. For password management, I settled on Keepass for now; coming from the Windows, I have discovered there is no equivalent application like "Roboform" for Windows. So I had to settle.

Getting back to Moneydance, it's a good alternative to msMoney, it has a familiar feel, the others felt like Quicken. I have had no problems importing QIF or OFX file into it but I am experiencing a direct connection problem w/Wachovia Bank though (they only support Quicken/Money). But I'm sure a solution will present itself soon.

The good news is I am now totally in Linux.


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