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LOLobo 06-29-2007 04:13 PM

Internet accessing applications freezing
Didn't know whether to put this in hardware, software, slackware, or elsewhere. So if it's in the wrong place, I apologize.

Here are my stats:
P4 1.7GHz - 768 MB RAM - /dev/hda 10GB - /dev/hdb 40GB - 1GB Swap
Slackware 10.0 no updates applied.

This was my first linux install (hence the mistake of not applying updates). This box has been up 24/7 (with reboots about every two months) for almost 3 years. Never giving serious issues.

It is completely headless (no keyboard/mouse/monitor), does not boot into gui, and is accessed only via ssh.

Main use of this box is for a BNC, Apache (hosting only two tiny private site) one using Python, Fetchmail/Mutt, rtorrent, raggle rss reader, and lame encoding. All applications are ran via the console and no gui is ever initiated.

Here is my issue...

This same issue is happening currently with both rtorrent and raggle. Both of these applications are "freezing" mid-run. Raggle during fetching updated feeds and rtorrent both during hashing and downloading. I run rtorrent under screen and can detach only to come back to the same frozen scenario.

Only about 40MB of RAM are typically used (checked via "free -m" and "top"). I learned a lot about RAM utilization in Linux disto yesterday :-)

So, what I am asking of my fellow forum members is to point me in a starting direction. How would you being to troubleshoot this issue? Could it be something simple since it only seems to affect internet accessing applications? But then again it doesn't seem to happen with my BNC (which is always on). Could it be the NIC card? Should I check the cabling? Reset the router? What logs can I check?

Hern_28 06-29-2007 06:10 PM

Could run top from the command line and see if you can catch whats eating up the processor and possible rule out a program glich.

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