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yesglass 08-17-2007 10:36 PM

Installing on efi on non-mac machine (PC)
Hi! And actually, I am not using Mac or iMac, but I'd like to test UEFI. The question is following:
1. How can I install UEFI or similar firmwares? (Or how can I access either RAM or ROM that stores my BIOS?)
(i know what i will have consequences.)
2. Is GParted supports GPT when creating and shrinking partition without having MBR?
3. Is there GRUB 0.97 patch that allows it to be installed in GPT parts and boot from it and reconginze disk that use GPT shemes
4. Does ubuntu cd or fedora cd allows it to install on GPT partition?
5. if either GParted supports GPT, how can I make my partition to be GPT/MBR Hybrid for installing windows?
Thanks a lot. I have benefited from this forum. Now, I learned a lots of things about ubuntu, linux, windows, programming etc. If i became a genius in computer, I will contribute as you did.

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