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98werty 10-30-2010 02:37 PM

Installing lilo item when a drive is not present

I have to computers: 'A' (linux) and 'B' (windos). On 'A' I have a linux system that i copy over to a movable disk on which i install the lilo bootloader. Now when I move the disk to 'B' I am able to boot into the new linux system, however I would like to have an item in the lilo boot menu from which I can boot the windows system on 'B' also. And now the tricky part: I would like to create this item when the disk is still on 'A' where windows is not present.
When I add:
other = /dev/hda1
label = MS-Windows
map-drive = 0x80 to = 0x81
map-drive = 0x81 to = 0x80

and run "lilo" on A it complains that /dev/hda1 is not present.

I have tried using "disk = /dev/hda1 inaccessible" without any luck.

Is it possible to "cheat" lilo into adding an item pointing to a disk that is not present on your system ?

kilgoretrout 10-31-2010 09:25 AM

Not that I'm aware of. It's one of the drawbacks of lilo. It's no problem for grub however. With grub you just edit the config file and the target drive for any entry need not be present.

98werty 11-02-2010 06:05 AM

Thankyou for the reply!

OK, using grub instead could be a solution.

I have tried making sym-links as in:

ln -s /dev/sda1 /dev/hda1

to the (linux) disk on computer 'A'. This makes it possible to get an item in the boot menu, however when trying to boot the item on 'B' the computer just resets.

Lilo probably needs to sense the correct address to the MBR on the Windows disk.

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