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sandy_obrien 06-10-2004 02:18 AM

In the future...
I would like to mirror my installation on my hdb to hda (my current windows partition that i would just like to get rid of)

reason being that my hda has higher rpm and is bigger

is there any quick way of doing this?

Shade 06-10-2004 04:08 AM

Well, the quickest you can get is a simple direct copy...

The process would go something like this:

1) run cfdisk or fdisk on /dev/hda to repartition the way you'd like.
2) create a filesystem of your choosing on /dev/hda1-X
3) copy everything but /mnt and /proc from /dev/hdb to /dev/hda
4) create those directories which couldn't be copied directly.
5) install a bootloader to /dev/hda
6) reboot (making sure the filesystem type which you chose in step 2 is included as a selected option compiled in the kernel)


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