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Juvencio 06-03-2007 11:58 AM

I wuld like to use linux but im a cad operator so things like auto cad needs to work
i wuld like to use linux (xandros) but im a cad operator so things like
AutoCad 2006 & 2007
SolidEdge v15 & v17
Bently Autoplant
and more
needs to work on it will anyone help me if you can
note crossover helps but AutoCad wants wants internet explorer 6 sp1
now what will it still work if i add it.

and also how do i delet windowes app after instald on linux

and howe do i run windowes games on linux

just want to now why cant i buy programs that run on linux like for windows & mac (in store)

Blackbar 06-03-2007 12:05 PM

parallels might work it cost $50 and works as a vm so you will need a windows install disc the only drawback is you need to manage a full windows install

Juvencio 06-03-2007 12:14 PM

a bit slower im not so fast when it comes to computin in linux

bigjohn 06-03-2007 03:58 PM

If you install apps through crossover (and yes some that aren't listed as supported still work, it's trial and error there), you can uninstall them via crossover. If one that you want asks for internet explorer, then you can install internet explorer.

As for buying apps for linux, like you'd buy windows or Mac apps ? Well lots of them are freeware, yes there are commercial apps, but a number of them are "specialist" and can be bought from the actual vendor but online (I've certainly never seen crossover in the shops).

Rather than "trying to run before you can walk" Juvencio, I'd suggest that you run your system as dual boot i.e. windows and linux on the same machine, that way if you find that theres specific things that you have to do under windows (or until you find a suitable replacement to run under linux) then you have the option.

A slightly extended addition to that, is that if you made a partition that can be read by both windows and linux e.g. a FAT32 formatted partition, then you could easily do whatever it is that you want to do in the windows based app, then make a copy of any resultant file and store it in the FAT32 partition, and then see if you can do anything with it under the linux equivalent application.



drawde83 06-03-2007 04:00 PM

What BlackBar is suggesting is that you buy a program that allows you to run windows from within linux. You can always Duel boot. Linux and windows are installed on the same hard disk and when you start up you can choose between them.

Wim Sturkenboom 06-04-2007 01:02 AM

I would also setup a dual boot so
  1. you can keep on working with your CAD programs
  2. slowly try to get your CAD applications to work under Linux (or look for Linux versions of them)

Searcj engines are your friend, so do a search on the application name + the word linux and see what shows up. The first hit on google for autocad linux was an article on Look Ma ... No Windows!!! showing that autocad can run in wine (might be autocad version dependent).

Juvencio 06-05-2007 01:31 PM

thanks all ill try that

and i notest that xandros reads ntsf file format but wont right to it so ill do as you all sugested

madaxman 06-15-2007 10:58 AM

cad Apps
Hello Juvencio,

I'm not real familiar with CAD stuff but you could try first the personal addition of crossover office for around 60 bucks go to the wine peoples web site for that one, not sure on the url for the site just do a Google. Also Google the VMWARE project since you already own the windows CAD stuff that you could then run all of your windows apps including windows itself on top of and they claim it may even run more stable. Also I looked up cad in one of my linux books and they mentioned a program called QCad ? not sure if this one is still active worth looking into though.

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