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Touma 03-29-2001 01:41 PM

Iv wanted to do this for the longest time; but never could. I thought i read how to do it in running Linux a long time ago; im not sure. I want to alter my display in the main console. I want to either have a pic'(prefered) or another color other than black in the bg. and change the txt color to red or green er something else. Surely i can change the font color since theres the whole file color code stuff. I tried xsetroot, xsetbg, etc with the "-onroot" op' , no luck. i guess since theres an x before each of those you need to be running the x server lol.Dose anyone know what im talking about? Has anyone done this? Im sure you can change the font color (not sure how).. But what about the background?

mathi 03-30-2001 02:54 AM

You can find a lot of info about changing colors in the linux virtual terminal at:


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