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Silverw0lf 05-28-2005 03:16 AM

I have just downloaded......
Thunderbird 2.0 & I want to know, if I will lose my current emails that I have sitting in my inbox on my old Thunderbird email client?

Or is there a way to backup my current emails?
Without having to send them all onto one of my webbased email accounts.

I know how Linux works but am still a bit unsure on somethings so if possible can answers be put into simpal english for me?

The reason why I downloaded Thunderbird 2.0 is so I can use the Themes that Thuderbird has avaible as they aren't avaible on my current Thunderbird.

I currently have Thunderbird 1.0! Boy I am behind the times.

Thanks for you help :)

Andrew Benton 05-28-2005 05:13 AM

Re: I have just downloaded......

Originally posted by Silverw0lf
is there a way to backup my current emails?

cd && tar cjf mail-28-may.tar.bz2 .thunderbird
That will make a tar.bz2 archive of your current thunderbird profile. To restore it (if everything goes wrong) remove your broken profile

rm -rf ~/.thunderbird
then untar the archive in your home folder

tar xjf mail-28-may.tar.bz2

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