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Skunk_Face 01-19-2004 03:54 AM

How to set SQL to UNIX socket
I have recently installed MySQL on my nix box and wanted SQL to run on a UNIX socket.

so i did ./configure --prefix= ..........--with-unix-socket-path=/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock .....
then a make and make install

but now when i start mysqld and do a netstat -vat ...i find that MySql is using protocol TCP ...shouldnt it be UNIX???

<newbie alert!!! > so forgive me if i sound confused

Looking_Lost 01-19-2004 07:20 AM

In general if the client program that is trying to connect to mysql on the same machine they can use UNIX sockets , then as far as I am aware they will use them - to turn off listening on tcp sockets completely uncomment skip-networking in your my.cnf file and it will only listen on unix sockets - the netstat output will disappear.

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