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boreo 02-21-2003 02:05 PM

How to kill sound effects they are making me crazy
Hi, I'm using KDE and the sounds that the windows makes when i close them or open them are just making me crazy.. Like when I close Mozilla it makes this weird sound like if a car crashed or something...Can someone tell me how to kill these sounds?.. I do not want any sounds at all.... But I want to be able to listen to my MP3's.. I just want the application sounds off... Thanks.


MasterC 02-21-2003 02:16 PM

Look in your KDE Control Center, under "Sound". ;)


boreo 02-21-2003 03:32 PM

I did that already, i have to mute the "pcm" in my sound control to kill the sounds the applications make when close or open up.. But if I do that then I won't be able to listen to my MP3's.... DO you have any other suggestions?

MasterC 02-21-2003 06:54 PM

You are probably looking in the wrong section. Go to Sound --- System notifications (in the KDE CONTROL CENTER). At the bottom you will see "disable all sounds". :)


boreo 02-21-2003 09:28 PM

THank you man... YOu were right, i was doing the wrong thing.... My problem is fix... I could listen to my Mp3's now :)

MasterC 02-21-2003 10:39 PM

;) You're Welcome, glad it worked.


boreo 02-21-2003 11:04 PM

Hey MasterC.. By any chance have you ever set up a Canon BJC-1000 printer in your Linux Box?... If so, can you post the steps here?

MasterC 02-22-2003 12:45 AM

Sadly I haven't.... However, you may wish to "edit" your above post and ask this as a new question (if you haven't already) in the hardware section.

How do you connect the printer, is it usb or parallel? Do you have CUPS setup on your system? If so, that will probably be your best bet. Documentation should be available at:

Also, try bringing up kprinter and configuring with it (again, assuming you have CUPS installed).


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