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epamuk 01-24-2010 04:17 PM

How to introduce a network printer?

We have a network printer in the my network. This printer ip adress is

and I have a RedHat EL 5,2. And I have been using text mode this linux system. This linux ip adress

Now, I want to use this printer on the this RHEL 5.2. How can i introduce this network printer in the text mode?

Thanks for your helps.

{BBI}Nexus{BBI} 01-24-2010 04:58 PM

This page should help:

bartonski 01-24-2010 06:36 PM

Here's what I would do:
  • Install CUPS (I presume that this is done through YUM, but don't quote me, I'm not a Red Hat guy).
  • Start cupsd, however that works in Red Hat.
  • Install lynx
  • type 'lynx http://localhost:631'
  • in lynx, arrow down to 'Adding Printers and Classes', and press enter.
  • arrow down to 'add Printer'
  • enter user 'root' and root password.

You should see a page that looks like this:


Add Printer

    Home      Administration      Classes      Documentation/Help
    Jobs      Printers

Add New Printer

    Name:    ________________________________________
              (May contain any printable characters except "/", "#", and space)
  Location:  ________________________________________
              (Human-readable location such as "Lab 1")
  Description: ________________________________________
              (Human-readable description such as "HP LaserJet with Duplexer")

  The Common UNIX Printing System, CUPS, and the CUPS logo are trademarks
  of Apple Inc. CUPS is copyright 2007-2008 Apple Inc. All rights

Fill in Name, Location and Description fields, then press 'continue'

The next page looks like this, there's a drop down...


    Add Printer

      Home      Administration      Classes      Documentation/Help
      Jobs      Printers

    Device for test
            │ AppSocket/HP JetDirect            │
    Device: │ Backend Error Handler              │
            │ HP Fax (HPLIP)                    │
            │ HP Printer (HPLIP)                │
    The Comm│ Internet Printing Protocol (http)  │ CUPS logo are trademarks
    of Apple│ Internet Printing Protocol (ipp)  │e Inc. All rights
    reserved│ Lexmark E330 USB #1 (Lexmark E330) │
            │ LPD/LPR Host or Printer            │
            │ LPT #1                            │
            │ SCSI Printer                      │
            │ Windows Printer via SAMBA          │
(Choice list) Hit return and use arrow keys and return to select option.
  Arrow keys: Up and Down to move.  Right to follow a link; Left to go back.
 H)elp O)ptions P)rint G)o M)ain screen Q)uit /=search [delete]=history list

Choose whichever option fits the print queue you're attaching to... based on IP address, I'm guessing that you'll choose 'AppSocket/HP JetDirect'. You will be prompted for a URI, which will probably look something like this: socket://address:9100

Cups has extensive on-line help pages (there are links in the management page localhost:631), which should guide you the rest of the way... this process will include installation of drivers and PPD files; these will be printer specific. CUPS supports a *lot* of printers, you shouldn't have much trouble finding the correct driver.

Make sure that there are no firewall rules blocking access to the remote printer.

once you have gone through this process, you will have access to 'lp' and 'lpr'. You may also want to install 'enscript' which generates pretty-printed PostScript output, and allows features such font selection and as N-up printing.

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