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Slovak 12-13-2004 02:16 PM

How to increase toolbar font sizes in mozilla?
How do I increase the font sizes of my Mozilla toolbar? Like where it says file, edit, view, go, etc? Those font sizes?

mastermindNYC 12-13-2004 03:30 PM

Would those be the GTK fonts? If so, create or edit the file .gtkrc-2.0 in your /home/user/ directory. In the file have a line that says something like gtk-font-name = "Sans 14" or whatever font size you want to use.

Winno 12-14-2004 08:55 AM

This would help:

It's been a long time since I had to use it, so some of these points may not be correct. You can always experiment.

- You can use the unit point (eg 12pt) for specifying font sizes, you don't have to use mm (millimetres)
- You can remove some sections that you don't need from the file (eg when you are happy with defaults)
- The files are placed in a path like ~/.mozilla/default/8qke875o.slt/chrome. Make them if necessary.

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