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marora 06-14-2011 06:38 AM

how to give access to particulat user in ftp user group to particular folder
hello frndzz...

I have created vsftp server with grop of users and they can access only to /home/ftp-folder file which i made for them..nw if i apply read rite privilages to this folder then these previlages get by users in the group wot i want z if i creat a folder in /home directory i.e /home/test and i want the particular user in the group can have 777 access and other users in the grop coud nt access that folder..

please help how to do it...

PTrenholme 06-15-2011 02:56 PM

Is there any particular reason why you can't put the "special" user in an additional group as well as the "ftp" group, and allow the different group, but not the "ftp" one, access to the "special" directory? :scratch:

marora 06-16-2011 02:03 AM

Hey thnx for th reply...And yesterday i have resloved the issue...i created a new group and put that particular user in that group also by using

usermod -a -G group1,group2 username
where -a is for if the user is already in any other group then it and we want to put it in new group then we use -a option otherwise it will remove it from the existing group and put it in the new 1...and -G stangs for group...

Then i make new folder and give permissions 070 to it and allocate it to that new folder whcih i user is part of two groups and the new folder can only be access by that paricular user...Please see the following commands

#groupadd TEST
mkdir /home/test

#now add user in the group
usermod -a -G test marora

Assign permission only to the group created..

#chmod 070 /home/test
#chown ftp:TEST /home/test

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