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Snabber 07-09-2003 09:31 AM

How do you upgrade GLIBC?
How can you upgrade glibc without upgrading every other package on the computer? I need to upgrade gcc, but it takes a new glibc. So, what do I do? I'm using RedHat 7.2. I can't upgrade Redhat. How do I upgrade glibc without breaking dependinces?

unSpawn 07-10-2003 07:20 AM

How do I upgrade glibc without breaking dependinces?
Glibc libraries are essential for having Linux work properly, so what you're asking is something like asking how to renovate the foundation of a building without moving the structure on top of that first.

Warning: I used the next procedure with some libs but never with Glibc tho, so YMMV(VM). If you feel upgrading Glibc will be like doing open heart surgery, make a backup first and have a rescue CD/floppy ready, Justin Case. Make a local copy of /etc/ld.*. Copy the Glibc libraries to a new dir, call it /usr/lib_old or so. Add that path in /etc/ Run ldconfig and check if it's added the path. Now remove the original Glibc path from /etc/ and update running ldconfig. You'll find out if this will work soon enough :-]
If it works, test upgrading Glibc. If satisfied, install. Check if old apps still work.

Wynd 07-10-2003 05:29 PM

My experience has been that glibc is backwards compatible, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Tinkster 07-10-2003 05:35 PM

Wynd, I'm glad it's always been smooth
for you, but rest assured that this is NOT
the normal thing to happen :) I've had two
disasters in the past, and the only time I
upgraded glibc with no hassle was when
upgrading the entire system from Slack 8.0
to 8.1 ;)

I'd go with unspawn and say "Very cautiously!"


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