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FocusedWolf 04-18-2004 05:59 PM

How do you make the windows button on keyboard cause "start" menu to appear
How do you make the windows button on keyboard cause "start" menu to appear...

when i try to set the option in "keyboard shortcuts" doesnt let me map my windows button to it, but others are the default is alt + f1...

megaspaz 04-18-2004 07:11 PM

well if you don't change the default bindings, kde will let you map actions to a win key combo, like win+altf1.

but if you want, you can get just the win key to work by itself to open up the kmenu.

basically how i did it, was.

open kcontrol
expand the Regional & Accessibility category.
clicked the Keyboard Layout item.
in the Layout tab, i have the Enable keyboard layout option checked and the Switching policy set to Global. for the Options tab, i have the "Group Shift/Lock behavior:" value set to "Left Win-key changes group".

then back to the left pane, i click the Keyboard Shortcuts Item (Underneath the Keyboard Layout item) and set the "Popup Launch Menu" in the Panel category in the "Global Shortcuts" tab to use the win key. Basically click the "Popup Launch Menu" item to select it, then click the button in the "Shortcut for Selected Action" frame. that will popup a window where you press a key for the shortcut key. Pressing the win key by itself will change the button value to ISO_Next_Group. Apply your changes and you should be go to go.

FocusedWolf 04-20-2004 05:02 PM

Good instructions.

I managed to get it going but oddly it didnt work althought i did everything in your instructions with the correct responses from program. So i went back in keybord shortcuts in "preferences" area of the "start menu" back to where i first attempted to do this, and was now able to map the windows key to the "show the panel menu" item in desktop drop down of shortcut thing.

Call me greedy, but i can only either map left windows key or right windows key to this fucntion, where left registers as that ISO_Next_Group, and right one as Mode_switch....To bad cant get both right :D

SciYro 04-20-2004 10:52 PM

maybe try to map right windows key, to the left windows key?

but anyways.... if you have a sticker laying around (like a penguin one :) ) you should consider putting it over the windows key, then we can forever call it the linux key

FocusedWolf 04-20-2004 10:56 PM

Wow how do you bind one key to do another keys actions?

hmm i think i can get some sticky paper and draw a little penguin on it, or a hat =D

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