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greendusk 09-26-2003 04:50 PM

How do i set my command line resolution
Right now I am guessing my command line resolution is 600x400. I would like to get it to 1024x768. Also would like to know if this would make it so I can use seejpeg in command line.

I am using:
A band new install of Mandrake 9.1 with a IBM thinkpad a22m

The video card comes up as a Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x

The card gets 1024x768 in x and works fine.


quatsch 09-26-2003 05:14 PM

You need to pass an option at the boot prompt or edit lilo.conf accordingly. Here is from man lilo.conf:

This specifies the VGA text mode that should be selected when
booting. It may be specified as a global option. The following
values are recognized (case is ignored):

normal: select normal 80x25 text mode.

extended (or ext): select 80x50 text mode.

ask: stop and ask for user input (at boot time).

<number>: use the corresponding text mode. A list of available
modes can be obtained by booting with vga=ask and pressing

If this variable is omitted, the VGA mode setting contained in
the kernel image is used. (And that is set at compile time using
the SVGA_MODE variable in the kernel Makefile, and can later be
changed with the rdev(8) program.)
Press ESC at the boot menu and type
linux vga=ask
and you'll get the available options.

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