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emanners 06-28-2001 12:27 PM

How do I install MAN pages for an installed APP
I have installed this new app and the man pages dont work. How do I get them to work?

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jharris 06-28-2001 01:39 PM

Do you have the man page files? Normally called programName.1 or something like that... If you do have the files you just need to copy them to the relevant man page dir. something like /usr/local/man/manX where X is substituted for the number on the end of the man file (in this example 1).



gizmola 06-29-2001 01:48 AM

Yes, or sometimes the pages install someplace that isn't in the manpath, and if so, u can update the manpath to check these other directories and man will find em.

felixllopart 09-29-2009 02:55 PM

I bought an Acer Aspire One with Linpus preinstalled and it lacks the man pages for the installed applications. I do not have the man files, how can I install them? (I suppose I could remove and reinstall the packages, but is there a better way?)

Fèlix Llopart

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