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doublefailure 08-27-2002 09:11 PM

how do i download this file?
the file size is 500mg byte..
and i have enough space left
but not in /tmp

when i download something to /home
it seems to go /tmp first and copied to /home
and i can't download a file bigger than space left in /tmp

how can i get around this?
thank you

[eugene@beautifulmind aduni]$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda5 965M 557M 359M 61% /
/dev/hda7 15M 3.1M 11M 22% /boot
none 250M 0 250M 0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda11 3.1G 1.1G 1.8G 38% /home
/dev/hda8 3.7G 1.7G 1.8G 46% /home/eugene/data
/dev/hda1 4.4G 4.1G 329M 93% /mnt/windows
/dev/hda9 2.2G 1.8G 357M 84% /usr
/dev/hda10 3.8G 2.4G 1.2G 65% /usr/local
[eugene@beautifulmind aduni]$

neo77777 08-27-2002 09:33 PM

why your / is so full, with setup you have there must be as little there as possible clean up /tmp that's my suggestion, here's my df -h output for comparising

[neo@matrix neo]$ df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda8            486M  118M  343M  26% /
/dev/hda1            235M  17M  207M  8% /boot
/dev/hdb5              24G  13G  10G  55% /home
/dev/hda7            2.5G  169M  2.2G  7% /opt
none                  125M    0  124M  0% /dev/shm
/dev/hda6            2.9G  40M  2.6G  2% /tmp
/dev/hdb1              14G  4.3G  8.8G  33% /usr
/dev/hda9            1.5G  200M  1.2G  14% /var
[neo@matrix neo]$

tincat2 08-28-2002 01:25 AM

yeah, seems like you could move something out of /tmp at least long enough to get your file and then replace it. i'm interested in the can't download directly to /home thing. i think i do that all the time, but maybe i don't know what's really going on. wouldn't be the first time.

doublefailure 09-01-2002 05:11 AM

galeon tries download on to /tmp first and copy it to wherever a user specifies..

anyway i solved the problem using wget with --load-cookies
wget is cool!

Ztyx 09-01-2002 06:36 AM

wget rules! :-)

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