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explorer1979 09-26-2002 10:47 AM

Help, upgrade kernel and failed boot
Hi all,

It is my first time try to upgrade the Linux's Kernel, my Linux Box is Red Hat 7.2

I go to to downloaded the athlon kernel (2.4.9-34)

And print out the redhat kernel upgrade how to and follow it to do so.

Now, after I run the #lili -v and then reboot, I just see the "LI" and all stopped..... :-(

Lucky, I have the boot disc in hand and can using it to reboot to the old kernel.

And I know LI is lilo, it manager my partition, it is mean that my partition have something wrong. My H.D.D's partition is show below:

/dev/hdb1 is the /boot
/dev/hdb5 is the /
/dev/hdb9 is the /swap

I remember that I install the linux boot partition not on the MBR, when I am setup long time ago.

Do anyone can tell me what is wrong on my linux box after upgrade the kernel?


Aussie 09-26-2002 11:32 AM

Did you remember to run lilo after installing the new kernel?

explorer1979 09-26-2002 11:36 AM


after installed

I enter "lilo -v"

and then

"shutdown -r now"

Later then reboot, see "LI" and stop here...

Aussie 09-26-2002 06:08 PM

LI is a comon lilo error. From the lilo readme,
"LI The first stage boot loader was able to load the second stage boot
loader, but has failed to execute it. This can either be caused by a
geometry mismatch or by moving /boot/boot.b without running the map
installer. "

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