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arnoldo 01-18-2007 05:21 AM

Help: network with minimal slackware installation
Hi all and thank you in advance for you help.

I installed a minimal slackware: group "a" plus nmap, joe, groff, man, quota, iptables, openssh, tcpip, whois, findutils.

I have not put any rules in iptables chains.

I configured my network card with netconfig (or with "ifconfig eth0 netmask up") and with real values:

I can do nmap to my windows machine ( and other computers on the network, but:
1. I cannot do ping from .53 to .60
2. I cannot do ping from .60 to other computers on my network (with windows .53 I can do it)
3. I cannot do ssh from win .53 to linux .60

The .53 seems to be down from other machines in the network but i can do nmap fron linux to the network.

Any suggestions?
Do I have to install some other packages?
Do I ghave to configure some modules?

Thank you again

arnoldo 01-18-2007 05:58 AM

I've restored the basic installation previously the hardening process ad it has no problem. So the problem is in the hardening process.
When I'll discover what it the problem I will post it here for other users.

In the meanwhile if you have some suggestion please post it.

Than you again

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